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At IES College, there is more than one way to complete your senior education. For students seeking an alternative educational program to the IDBP, we offer an IB & VET Program pathway, which combines an IB Certificate with a VET certification.

With more flexibility and less intensive study than the IBDP, a VET/IB combination pathway is a great option for students who may be overwhelmed or struggle with the rigour of the IBDP. This pathway allows students to gain the learner attributes and core skills developed by International Baccalaureate studies through a selection of units that best suit their future goals, while completing a VET certification that helps them get where they want to go. These two qualifications combined ensure students still meet the educational requirements to obtain their GCE while developing the skills and knowledge to achieve an ATAR score that will gain entry into future tertiary studies. 

Discover the possibilities at IES College today.