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At IES College, there is more than one way to get where you want to go. For students seeking a more traditional pathway to university, our ATAR pathway is a creative, less rigorous alternative to the IB, which combines the core Queensland Curriculum units with creative subjects and/or VET certifications.

With more flexibility and creativity than the IB, success is self-determined and achieveable for students regardless of their academic results in their middle years. Comprising a diverse portfolio of prospective subject choices, our mainstream curriculum option can be tailored to the unique needs, skills, and goals of each individual student. While the ATAR program alone can secure university entry through a combination of core and creative electives, combined ATAR and VET certifications give students a head start by teaching them hands on, real-world skills in the career paths of their choice. This combination ensures students still meet the educational requirements to obtain their GCE while developing the skills and knowledge to achieve an ATAR score that will grant entry into future tertiary studies and prepare them for a career in their field of interest.  

Discover the possibilities at IES College today.