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At IES College, there is more than one way to get where you want to go. Our Year 11/12 program aims to fully extend the academic aspirations of students through two tertiary pathways: the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme and commencing in 2025 the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). Both pathways offer student-centred approaches to teaching and learning. This broad and balanced education experience equips our students with essential skills and values they need to live a fulfilled and purposeful life.

A Vocational Education and Training pathway is also available for students who may find that an academic pathway is not for them. Students will continue to foster international mindedness and cultural awareness through the links we have in indigenous communities, multicultural communities, and proposed partner schools.

IES College offers students this varied senior years program to encourage them to think to the future and tailor their program of study choosing learning areas and subjects where they experience achievement and enjoyment to give them the best opportunity for future success. 

Discover the possibilities at IES College today.