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Student wellbeing is essential for both academic and social development. IES College is a safe, supportive, and respectful environment where students can thrive. We provide a proactive and comprehensive wellbeing program to improve student learning outcomes, engagement, and inclusion. 



IES College recognises that each student is completely unique, each with their own strengths and challenges while learning.  The Student Support Coordinator works in partnership with each student to personalise an academic strategy to ensure they reach their full potential throughout the entirety of their studies at IES College.

A comprehensive understanding of the unique learner characteristics of each student is determined through a range of testing measures. Through these measures, leaners’ identified strengths are leveraged and grown through high-yield teaching approaches, while challenges and barriers identified are supported. 

The Student Support Coordinator works with teachers to ensure implementation of pedagogies to support learner diversity within the classroom. Within the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, this role also works with candidates who require Inclusive Access Arrangements.

The Student Support Coordinator is available throughout term time for individual appointments with students.  


Our Student Counsellor provides caring and experienced counselling and advice. Their services are free, confidential, and available to all students. 

The Student Counsellor is able to provide helpful tools, strategies, and perspectives on personal issues related to study life. They are experienced in supporting students with personal difficulties from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

The Student Counsellor’s assistance is readily available by appointment throughout the school day for any problems that arise. 


Our specialised career staff assist you in making informed choices about your future, and in selecting the most suitable options for your chosen career path. We support you in understanding your career options and transitioning to further study. We provide a range of information and events about further study options in Australia and abroad to help you on your journey.


At IES College, we believe that all learners have unique academic and non-academic needs. We have an ongoing commitment to wellbeing, gender equality, and social justice. We have a range of support systems that address individual needs and the diverse learning styles of all our students in a safe, supportive, and positive learning environment.

We have a strong commitment to developing a culturally and linguistically diverse staff and student population and have over 20 years’ experience in supporting international students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

We are committed to providing a learning environment that values each member of our community. Our clear policies, processes, and support mechanisms ensure our school campus is a respectful and safe environment for all students. 

We are welcoming of students with diverse needs. These students may face barriers that could impact on their learning, including academic, socio-emotional, physical, or environmental challenges. Our student support services collaborate with students, staff, and parents to ensure that all students receive practical and positive support. 

We embrace diversity in all its forms, including the freedom to worship and observe individual spiritual and religious customs.

We are committed to Australia’s First Nations people and the continuation of their cultural and educational practices. Through our extensive collection of over 200 artworks created by female First Nations artists and our close and respectful connections with these artists, we are committed to fostering a culture of learning from and working with First Nations people in the spirit of reconciliation.

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